For the week-end why not…
Have a look around a brocante ?

Brocantes Antiquaires - Foire de Chatou

September/October  is a common time in France for the local towns to run brocantes (fleamarkets) or vide-greniers (more like a car boot sale). Some 50,000 are organised every year mainly in Spring or in Autumn. Their popularity is growing, for financial reasons mainly….people are more than ever on the look out for a good buy, but also because recycling has become more important and vintage has more of a cachet than ever. These events are fun as well for all the family.

For sellers, they are the ones hoping to make more space in their homes and also make a little money through their sales…often 100-200€ for the day’s work. Brocantes have also become a popular way of raising funds for different charities and associations who have had to contend with fewer donations from local government bodies.

Clothes, books, kitchen and garden equipment, silverware, jewellery, toys, tableware, glassware, artwork…you find everything at these events and of course the best deals are to be had at the end of the afternoon… but will all the best items have gone by then ? That’s the question ! Remember to bring some plastic bags with you or why not even your shopping trolley and be prepared to practise your negotiation skills. You can generally ask for a price reduction of between 10% and 25%. But some are better than others at getting reductions !

Sometimes it’s only locals who can rent out tables, other times people from neighbouring communities can as well.

Generally the cost of a table is between 5€ and 30€ depending on the town/village.


If you want to take part as a seller here are some tips :

  • Register well in advance as the tables at the most popular events are booked up very quickly
  • Bring table, parasol (or plastic cover for if it rains) and folding chairs
  • Plenty of small change
  • Choose carefully what you want to sell and also your prices, as bargain hunters will expect to negotiate prices. If in doubt you could always check prices in specialist catalogues or for more recent items on or

One we can recommend is the Brocante de la Saint Michel in Feucherolles

Date : Sunday 1st October 9h-18h

(Stands here are reserved for those living in Feucherolles)

However for visitors there are a huge number of stands to look through (around 300 exhibitors) and entry is free. You can find the brocante right in the centre of town near the Mairie and plenty of parking available.

This is the 34th edition of the brocante and it offers a great mix of professional and private sellers. Everyone will be looking for a good deal !

More Info in French

Other brocantes to look out for are : Vide Grenier – Maisons-Laffitte

Sunday 17th September 6h-18h  – 78600 Maisons-Laffitte

More info


Vide Grenier – La Celle St-Cloud

Sunday 17th September 9h-18h  – 78126 La Celle St-Cloud

More info

Brocante – Sèvres

Sunday 17th September 7h-19h 92310 Sèvres

More info

Brocante – Bailly-Noisy le Roi – Bailly

Sunday 24th September 9h-18h   Bailly-Noisy le Roi,  Place Godella  78870 Bailly

More info

Foire de Chatou

Antiquité Brocante – Foire de Chatou

22nd September to 1st October  10h-19h   Ile des Impressionniste – 78 Chatou

If these dates dont work for you, you can find other dates on the internet on the following sites:

Dates can also be found in a monthly magazine called Aladin, and started in 1987, which is the reference for brocantes and vide greniers, or in the pages of your local newspaper.






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