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Rent or buy in the West of Paris?

Svetlana Martins – KeyChange


Savetlana Martins - Immobilier à l'ouest de Paris - Acheter ou louer
Ouest2Paris sets out to discover the cities of  the West of Paris through the experience of its residents. Meeting in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, with Svetlana Martins, real estate consultant for KeyChange. Svetlana shares with us her vision of the real estate market in the West of Paris and expatriation.

Expatriation Déménagement Ouest de paris

Are you planning to settle in the Paris region? Will you rent or buy a property?

Having moved from Moscow to London, then from London to the Paris region, I know from my personal experience what it’s like to change countries. It’s a very rewarding experience, but it can be quite stressful in some ways.

Numerous analytical reports suggest that France, and in particular Paris and the Côte d’Azur, is becoming an increasingly attractive place to invest and that the number of foreigners investing in French property is increasing.

Thanks to its central position compared to other European capitals and the recent political and economic upheavals in Europe, the attractiveness of Paris is growing on the international economic scene. Many companies in the financial, technological and innovation sectors are strengthening their presence in Paris and the Paris region.

In this economic landscape, it is not surprising that real estate in Paris is in high demand, which is reflected in a rise in prices for many years. In the past two years, the price of housing has risen by + 8% on average, but this rate can vary depending on the type and location of the property.

In 2009, real estate saw a significant decline, then again in 2013. In contrast, the housing market in France is generally considered stable, due to a very wide range of attractive properties, both for investors and private individuals.


Well know English language mantra concerning the choice of a property : « Location, location, location »

Expatries ouest de Paris

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  • What is the procedure for buying a property in France? { …}
  • Can I get a mortgage in France? { …}
  • What taxes shell I pay? { …}
  • What are the main legal requirements for the purchase of a property? { …}
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Paris ou banlieue


Those who work in Paris consider two options for their place of residence Paris or its suburbs.

If the youngest people clearly prefer to stay in the capital, those with children prefer to live outside pollution and big city hustle.
The west of Paris, the departments of Yvelines and Hauts-de Seine in particular, is one of the most attractive destinations in the Paris region and offers an exceptional lifestyle for families.

It combines a highly developed infrastructure, easy transport links, shops, several prestigious international schools, sports centers, many equestrian centers, golf clubs, cultural activities, cities and historical monuments. All in a green environment, peaceful, friendly atmosphere and much more spacious accommodation usually with gardens.

Families coming from abroad who settle in the west of Paris want to be close to the prestigious (international and French) schools, while having quick access to Paris via the RER A. Cities such as Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Le Pecq, Le Vesinet, Chatou, Croissy-sur-Seine, Maisons Laffitte are populated by families, composed often by expatriates or French returning from abroad. This international community was created thanks to international schools such as Lycée International and its partner schools, Notre Dame in Saint Germain-en-Laye, Ermitage in Maisons Laffitte and British School of Paris in Croissy-sur-Seine. Prices for properties in walking distance to the RER in these areas can reach up to 8,000 € / m².

Those who prefer an even quieter environment or who have a more modest budget, can be attracted by towns like Chambourcy, Villennes-sur-Seine (direct access to the A14 motorway connecting these places to La Défense in just 15 minutes), Mareil Marly, St-Nom la Bretèche and L’Etang-la-Ville served by the SNCF. Many small schools and activities for bilingual children are available in these towns as well.


Acheter ou louer a l'ouest de Paris

 » TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY?  » the keys how to make a decision

Many of my clients who move because of their jobs, ask me the question: « do I buy or rent? »
Often the decision to buy or to rent is an emotional one, but is it economically justified? In other words, is it better to be a renter and to save or become homeowner by paying off a credit?

Currently in France, credit rates for real estate are exceptionally low (1% over 20 years for example, excluding insurance) and at the same time the returns of risk-free financial investments have fallen sharply. In this context, everything seems to push individuals to get into debt to become homeowners. Which means that 57% of the French are owners; they leave a large rental market open to expatriates and foreign investors.


Acheter ou louer Immobilier Ouest de Paris


The answer is yes !
There are currently no restrictions for foreigners. However, you will surely find the process a little more difficult as a foreigner. Working with a real estate agent will greatly simplify your task. It’s even better if they are specialized in acquiring for non-residents and expats.


Recherche immobilier - Ouest de Paris


There are several international and local websites, such as www.green-acres.fr , www.seloger.com, or if you want to conclude with a particular directly, you can use the site particulier à particulier.
However, making a call to a real estate agent secures your purchase because the latter has a legal obligation to advise, including to warn you in case of potential problems with the property of your choice or its environment.

Normally real estate agents represent the interests of the seller who has mandated them the sale of their property and in the majority of cases they will present what is in their portfolio. So if you need a personalized support in your purchase or rental search, you need to hire a real estate agent by signing the mandate (contract) of research, in this case the real estate agent who will represent your interests and commit to find the property for you.

Do not hesitate to ask a real estate agent to help you find a property, especially if you do not speak the language well. Although the cost may seem high, this is probably the only way to make sure you do not miss any offers. In addition, some French owners inflate prices hoping to target foreigners, what the real estate agent can prevent.


Immobilier Ouest de Paris


Once your criteria are determined: budget, type of property, location and type of environment, size, distribution of rooms, architectural style, etc. you can start your search.

It is important to check the condition of the property. In France, the seller has the legal obligation to provide you with an up-to-date diagnostic. This includes: the absence of lead, asbestos, pests, the state of the septic tank, a report on energy efficiency and the risk of natural disaster. Before accepting the purchase, make sure that you have received this report and have reviewed it in detail with your agent.

Do not forget to check the following:

  • The amount of taxes: residence (UK : council) tax and property tax (this tax is paid only by a property owner, not a tenant)
  • The amount of electricity, gas, bills etc., as well as expenses related to the co-ownership that may vary from one property to another
  • Clarify the boundaries of the property, including ownership of walls / fences and maintenance obligations.
  • Check if there are disputes between neighbours, asking the seller for clarification in the presence of the notary.
  • Learn about major developments in the region that are not always reported by the seller or notary.
  • Insist that any clause exempting the seller from hidden defects is not included in the contract of sale
  • If the owner has undertaken major changes (frontage, extensions) of the property, make sure, , that the administrative authorizations were obtained for such changes.
  • Check with your notary / lawyer that the Local Urban Plan (PLU) allows you to make any changes you are considering, for example a swimming pool, a veranda or an extension.
  • If the property is part of a condominium (eg an apartment), get condominium regulations.


To follow next week …
– How does the purchase procedure in France work?
– Can I obtain a real estate loan in France?
– What kind of fees should I pay?
– What are the main legal provisions for purchase?

Si vous avez des questions spécifique concernant votre projet immobilier, n’hésitez pas contacter Svetlana.

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